My Fiction

My blog posting are a mix of fiction and anecdotes from my life.  This page serves as a index for all the fictional works I have posted.

Fictional Prose

Tales from the Coma Ward

  • A piece assembling three 30-word flash fiction stories

The Easter Bunny (Part 1)

  • An SF take on the Easter Bunny


  • A 300-word piece of flash fiction


  • A 120-word piece of flash fiction

The Sad Boy and the Sad Girl

  • A piece about depression

The Rising

  • My first 69er story (a piece that is exactly 69 words long)

The Little Bird and the Little Bee

  • My first attempt at a children’s story


The Smiths Go To War

  • A tribute to e.e. cummings

An Easter Bunny Visits

  • The Easter Bunny - an indefinite article