About Me

My name is Grant Elliott and I live in Durban South Africa and this is the tree I liked to climb.

The Tree I Liked To Climb

I’m a software developer geek guy. I used to manage the software department for a company that builds vehicle simulators for the military and construction industries, but I quit that job two years ago to start up my own company.  Now I spend my days building web sites and planning my pose for the next edition of Wired Magazine.

Although software development is my passion, I also love to write and be creative.  As you can see, I also have an amazing artistic talent, latent though it may be.  But I haven’t done much writing in many years, so after going on a Creative Writing Workshop, I got inspired again and here I am.

I was raised on a diet of science-fiction and fantasy, so those are the genre’s I have the most interest in, but I also enjoy experimenting with different styles of writing.  So you are likely to see on this blog first-version attempts at quite varied content, some pieces considerably crappier than others.  I love dark themes, so some content may be sensitive to younger readers.  And I love humour, so hopefully you’ll have a giggle here too.