02 May 2011

Tales from the Coma Ward

The daily tears were replaced with weekly resolve and then months of sombre silence.  Now, an annual appointment and some wilting flowers is all that pushes my sleepless coma along.

The burn of the needle; her rank morning breath; their incredibly dull gossip... the things that frame my silent cries and puncture the darkness that endures.

Ten years ago I went insane.  It was the relentless ping of the heart machine that eventually did me in.  Now I just lie in the drool of my madness.

This set of 3 pieces is a response to Laura’s May Day Giveaway post on her Daily Dodo blog.  The challenge was to write a piece of fiction in no more than 30 words.

I wrote three pieces that shared a common theme.  The first paragraph ended up being my entry into her competition.


  1. Fantastic trio there Grant - really strong reading in just 90 words!
    Loved them, well done!!!
    Am now folloing :)

  2. Thanks for the nice comments Laura. :)

  3. Nice job Grant. Sometimes an idea continues to flow on its own.

  4. Wow, it is amazing how you can say so much in so few words. Nicely done!

  5. Dude, where'd you disappear to? :((

  6. Hey Grantus,

    Your email address is not working?

    From Ing