30 April 2011

Y is for YouTube, Twitter and Other Internet Sensations

I would list these as the big Internet giants as of 2011.  I think I got their chronological order of inception correct:

Google and Amazon have been around since the 90’s, while Facebook exploded to 500 million users over a period of just 7 years.

When I heard about YouTube many years back, I thought no way was it going to be a hit.  Who wants to watch clips of rubbish home footage?  Well, I was horribly wrong there.

Then when I heard about Twitter, I thought no way was this site going to last.  I mean, who wants to post 160 character messages?  Strike 2.

As a budding internet entrepreneur, my track record for identifying great ideas isn’t looking too hot, but that doesn’t stop me from scanning the horizon for new and exciting companies.

The current darling of the social media clan of sites is FourSquare, a site that mixes social interaction with their users’ geographic location. Sounds to me like they are just jumping on the social bandwagon.  No way is that going to be a success!  :-)

Groupon, the discount coupon site, is the latest sensation that is taking the world by storm.  It’s officially the fastest growing company of all time.  I’m sure you’ve seen their adverts mushrooming up on every site you visit.  They are an amazing marketing success story.

I wonder what the next big internet sensation is going to be?  Will I have the foresight to see it coming this time...


  1. I think you mean foursquare(no s).

  2. Oooh, thanks Rowan! I've fixed the error now.