28 April 2011

X is for X, My Favourite Letter and Number

Roman numeral X.  Arabic numeral one followed by a zero.  The mathematical sequence 1 0.  The number ten.  My favourite number.

The house that I was born in and raised in was number 10.  I lived there for 22 years before moving out to rent a series of flats.  Seven years ago I bought my first house.  By total coincidence, it too was number 10.

I’m a computer scientist and work with the binary number system on a daily basis because, well, that’s the number system computers understand .  Binary numbers are comprised of only 2 digits: zero and one.  This is in contrast to decimal numbers that are comprised of 10 digits: zero, one, two… all the way up to nine.  So again, the zero and one play a pivotal role in my life.

The number “10” in binary represents the number “2” in decimal (I’ll explain how to count in binary in some future post).  Two is also a great number.  Two is a couple.  Two is symmetrical.  A lot of life is arranged in twos: legs, arms, eyes, ears, kidneys, hemisphere’s of the brain.  Two is better than one.  There’s always a backup!

Of course, the letter “X” is also the coolest letter in the alphabet.  It’s mysterious and secret and sexy and it’s always used for cutting edge stuff, such as X-Factor and XBox and X-Men.  Throw an “X” after a dull name and it’s now cool.  Draw the “X” in italics and it’s cooler still.  :)

So when it came time to name our company, me and my partner settled on the name “ModX Software”.  “X” for all the reasons above, and “Mod”… well that’s a story for another day.


  1. So, 2 stories promised for the future...on binary counting, and Mod. :)) And thank you for the correction on my blog entry, always appreciated!

  2. I have a file permanently open on my PC into which I chuck ideas for blog entries. Those two are right there in the mix!