25 April 2011

U is for Universal Address

Should you like to write to me from anywhere within reality, here is where I can be contacted:

my name Grant Bruce Elliott 1 of 1 humans and 2 cats living at
my unit Number 10 1 of 30 in
my complex Fantasy Forest * 1 of 2 in
my street 3 Fictionary Grove * 1 of 19 in
my suburb Somerset Park 1 of 12 in
my town Umhlanga Rocks 1 of 32 in
my metro Etekwini 1 of 11 in
my province KwaZulu Natal 1 of 9 in
my country South Africa 1 of 195 on
my planet Earth 1 of 8 orbiting
my star The Sun 1 of 300,000,000,000 in
my galaxy The Milky Way 1 of 30 in
my galactic group The Local Group 1 of 100 in
my super cluster The Virgo Supercluster 1 of  30,000,000 ** in
my universe The Universe 1 of an unknown number in
my brane Our D-Brane 1 of an unknown number in
  The Bulk  

* My Complex and Street names may have been altered to protect my location from stalkers and US cruise missiles.

** My rough estimate based on another estimate that there are 80 billion galaxies in the Universe.


  1. Don't worry about cruise missiles, we are wreaking havoc by flooding the airwaves with horrible television reality shows.

  2. I think if the US *really* wanted to find you - they won't be foiled by Fantasy Forest and Fictionary Grove ;)

  3. Not? Damn! I thought that was fool-proof.

  4. It's freaky weird stuff. Branes are short for "membranes" and are part of M-Theory, a mathematical model that attempts to explain the environment "outside" the universe and provide a unified explanation for everything we see around us: nuclear energy, gravity, magnetism, atoms, space, light, etc. I'll do a post on it in the future sometime, though it's very very complex and my understanding of it is laughable.