22 April 2011

R is for Revisiting Flash Fiction

A while ago I wrote an entry about Flash Fiction and posted my first 69er story.  Today, I wrote my second piece of nano fiction.  The first draft was 104 words, but it was a little too rushed.  So I reworked it and the final version I’ve posted below ended up a total of 122 words.


I am alone. Every night I sit on the cold stone wall that runs along the beachfront promenade and watch the happy couples pass me by. Once in a while a girl will sit down next to me and say hi and my heart will soar. And sometimes, if I'm very lucky, we will walk along the beach, and I'll listen to her sweet laughter fizz off into the cold night air to be roughed up by the crashing waves and splintered shards of moonlight. And when we’re alone at the end of the beach, sitting quietly under the pier listening to the tired drag of the sea, it is then, usually, when I strangle her. And then I am alone again.


  1. oh, my, I did not see that coming in the end :)

  2. Hehe, excellent. That was the point :P

  3. Being alone is a terrible emotion dear Grant!!

    You portrayed it well!!! Cool !!!

    with warm regards
    CatchyTips for Writers

  4. This is so dark. I think "R" should be for rapture because project rapture was a failure, EVERYONE is still here! It didn't even make the Beta version. God must be working on project Armageddon now. Any thoughts on why the rapture of May 21 was a failure?