11 April 2011

A is for About Me

We’ll kick this off with a short summary of me.  My name is Grant Elliott and I live in Durban South Africa and this is the tree I liked to climb.

The Tree I Liked To Climb

I’m a software developer geek guy. I used to manage the software department for a company that builds vehicle simulators for the military and construction industries, but I quit that job two years ago to start up my own company.  So now I spend my days building web sites and planning my pose for the next edition of Wired Magazine.

Although software development is my passion, I also love to write and be creative.  As you can see, I also have an amazing artistic talent, latent though it may be.  But I haven’t done much writing in many years, so after going on a Creative Writing Workshop, I got inspired again and here I am.

I was raised on a diet of science-fiction and fantasy, so those are the genre’s I have the most interest in, but I actually enjoy experimenting with different styles of writing.  So you are likely to see on this blog first-version attempts at quite varied content, some pieces considerably crappier than others.  I love dark themes, so some content may be sensitive to younger readers.  And I love humour, so hopefully you’ll have a giggle here too.


  1. Did you know I actually WAS working with malaria before I quit my masters to (attempt to) become an author?! True story! My brother still likes to make me feel guilty about all the kiddies he says are dying just because I didn't finish those rapid diagnostic tests...
    Anyway, welcome to blogland :-)

  2. Good to meet you and get to know a little more about you. One thing that I might suggest that you consider is to get rid of the CAPTCHA word verification thing. Now that I'm using Google Chrome it doesn't bother me so much as Chrome works thru crap like Word Verification very quickly and I haven't been losing any comments yet.

    Many bloggers hate WV with a passion and tend to avoid sites that have it. I finding that Blogger is extremely good about separating out the spam and putting it in a separate folder so you can check before publishing. A lot of weird spam crap was showing up in my email notifications, but never made into the commments that everyone else sees. I just deleted it and all was fine. For now I've blocked Anonymous comments just to stem some of that spam for a while.

    Tossing It Out
    Twitter hashtag: #atozchallenge

  3. Hi Grant!
    Nice to meet you. I saw your comment on Arlee Bird's post and hopped over to welcome you to blogging and encourage you in the A-Z Challenge.

    I find your blog delightful as you write with such humor! I've had many giggles since I landed on your page :D

  4. Hi Brianna. Thanks for the welcome and kind comments. :) I will definitely pop by your blog and check what you are up to.