17 April 2011

I is for iPhone Autocorrect

The latest generation of touch-screen phones have taken the world by storm.  And to speed up text messaging, they offer predictive word suggestion and auto-correction.  The technology is accurate, saves you time and works really well most of the time.  Most of the time.

I don’t have an iPhone, but I do have an HTC Android handset which also has a touch screen and auto-correct functionality.  Last week I was chatting to a female friend over SMS about something she asked me to get for her.  She was busy at the time and requested that I contact her later.  So I replied with “Cool, I’ll give you a shout when I get home”, but my awesome autocorrecting phone mutated my innocent comment to:

Cool, I’ll give you a shot when I get home.

Sigh.  Luckily she has a good sense of humour.

Here are some very funny autocorrect fails of note.  I haven’t laughed as much in a long time.  Enjoy.

Autocorrect Fail 1

Autocorrect Fail 2

Autocorrect Fail 3

Autocorrect Fail 4

Autocorrect Fail 5

Autocorrect Fail 6

Autocorrect Fail 11

Autocorrect Fail 12

Autocorrect Fail 13

Autocorrect Fail 14

Autocorrect Fail 15

Autocorrect Fail 7

Autocorrect Fail 8

Autocorrect Fail 9

Autocorrect Fail 10


  1. Some of those are actually quite funny!

  2. Hahahahaha.. :)

    " Awful. I have a bad case of the manboobs."


    K&B GIBB

    1. Hehe. Any what's particularly embarrassing is I'm sure that word isn't part of the iPhone's default dictionary, which means its been used before on that phone... I'm sure that would be an equally interesting story...