17 April 2011

H is for Hillcrest Quiz Night

One of the extra-mural activities I enjoy doing is going to Quiz Nights at the Hillcrest Keg.  For those of you who have never been to a pub quiz before, this blog posting will explain the format of the quiz as used in this pub.

The quiz takes place every Tuesday evening from 19:30 till about 22:00, but our team goes once every two weeks.  Each team sits around their own table and can order food and drinks and have a nice social chat.  Each person taking part pays an entrance fee of R10 with team sizes in excess of 6 people getting penalised 5 points per extra person.

The quiz-mistress starts off proceedings with 20 general knowledge questions.  The first ten are “easyish” and the next ten more tricky.  You are given time to discuss the answer within your team, but since there is no negative marking, you can often “deduce” the answer by making an educated guess or by taking a stab in the dark.  We stab a lot of people in the dark.

The 20th question is an anagram for a famous movie and you are given a good five minutes or so to work it out.

Following the anagram is a music round.  The music round consists of 10 snippets of songs from which you need to guess the artist and title.  Plus, the last two songs are played backwards!  The song selection crosses all genres and all decades which makes it fairly well balanced for the wide age-range present in the teams.

After the music round comes the picture round.  This consists of identifying 25 items off a photocopied piece of paper.  Each week is a different theme, so one week you will need to identify famous actors, another week famous sports trophies, another week countries in Africa, and so on.

Finally, the quiz reverts back to the general knowledge questions – ten more tricky ones and ten more easy ones.

Each team then hands in their answers and these sheets are distributed randomly among the other teams.  The quiz-mistress then goes through the answers and each team tallies up the score for the team assigned to them.  The results are handed in and announced, with the losing team getting a dummy prize and the winning team getting the spoils of all of the R10 contributions.

And thus ends a very enjoyable evening.  So Tuesdays, 19:30, Hillcrest Keg.  Why not get a team together and come join in the fun.

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